The venue

The conference and workshop will be held at the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow. located at the very city centre at 11 Golebia street.

The building which hosts the Institute is called Collegium Minus. It comes from the XVth century AD being the second oldest part of the University. The finest place in the historic building is the Gothic hall - the location of the Second Copper & Trade conference. While the Gothic hall occupies the present basement level of the building, the On the Routes of the Near East workshop will take place in a more informal room 210, located at the second floor.

The Institute can be easily accessed by public transport. The closest bus/tram stops are: Filharmonia, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski and Teatr Bagatela. Tickets can be bought in vending mashines on board the vehicles or at bus/tram stations.

The informal pub party

To have more time for informal conversations we invite all our Participants to an archaeological pub. With a ticket you that will find in your conference kit you will be free to exchange it to a few drinks. The ticket is valid on Friday, 09.10.2015. We start at 6PM.

The pub is located about 12 min. from the venue at 1 Stefan Batory street.

The evening party

At Saturday evening, the Gothic hall at the Institute will turn into a ballroom. We invite all our Participants to a party, where we will talk, eat, and relax with a glass of wine.

We start at 6PM.

The special guided tour

The tour will be the closing event of the conference. A professional city guide will take our Participant on a historical journey around the city, specially crafted for our needs.

We start on Sunday afternoon, 3PM from the Institute of Archaeology, 11 Golebia street.

More detailed programme of the tour will be anoounced soon.